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The Hausknecht family arrived in Hungary during the Hungarian-Austrian Monarchy between 1755-1756 from a small village Herzogbirbaum in lower Austria, which we find to the north of Vienna in an area called Weinviertel, and settled in the village of Tát. Generations later some of the Hausknechts moved on to the surrounding villages such as Csolnok, Máriahalom and Szomor.

Our website contains some interesting facts and figures, some pictures (old and new), information of some of the surnames of our ancestors (past and present names) and a link to our family tree. It's also a work in progress and will be changing from time to time.

Hausknecht grave stone

Family Names

Halas ~ Hausknecht ~ Schrenk

Csolnok 1930

Homeland Places

Herzogbirbaum ~ Csolnok

family tree

Our Family Tree

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